What ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Alums Allison Holker And tWitch Boss Actually Eat In A Day

Allison Holker and her husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, are a dancing power couple. In fact, they’re are so in sync that the seasoned Dancing With The Stars pro even coordinated a dance mob to reveal the gender of her second child with her husband, who’s a fellow DWTS alum and currently a resident DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (he’s the one who got Hillary Clinton to do the nae nae).

At home, the duo is just as coordinated, finding time to churn out healthy early morning meals for their two kids, whip up superfood smoothies, and host wine nights with friends. The center of it all is their kitchen, which was recently overhauled by HomeGoods, and it’s one we wouldn’t mind dancing around in.

The kitchen is, by far, their favorite spot.

“The kitchen is the home base for our family — it’s where we hang out and communicate,” Holker says. “Our favorite thing to do is to cook as a family, listen to music, and jam out. And for Boss, the kitchen is everything, because it’s the epicenter for ‘the communion of family’.”


Family was their only design inspo.

“When it came to decorating the entire house, our No. 1 priority was family,” Holker says. “We wanted everything to be warm and welcoming, but also comfortable and functional.” Overall, she says, the house is “country with a Cape Cod feel, while still a little modern.” You can see it in the neutral color palette with pops of copper, as well as the cozy-chic pieces, like the rustic wooden-seat stools.

Their diets are gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free.

If that diet sounds limiting, there’s more: They also strive to cut out oil whenever possible. It’s a lot, but it’s important to Holker and Boss that they cook their own nutritious meals. “We always try to eat fresh,” Holker says. “It’s difficult with our schedules and our strict diet, but we are constantly conscious about our health throughout the entire year.”

They created an ingenious breakfast bar.

Like in most households, mornings are hectic for Holker and Boss. That’s why there’s a strategic breakfast bar in place, equipped with granola, oatmeal, granola bars, fruits — you name it, it’s there. “Everything is on hand so you can just grab and go,” Holker says. The convenient counter placement (right next to the sink) helps, too. This way, the most important meal of the day is never missed.

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When u have the most perfect daughter and she wakes you up with BREAKFAST IN BED!!! Love you @weslierboss

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Allison loves bacon as much as you do.

A typical breakfast for Holker is egg whites with tomato and avocado, plus a dash of salt and pepper. “But sometimes I throw in bacon and sausage for protein,” she laughs. “That’s a bit of a cheat meal, but bacon is hard to get away from — it’s so delicious!”

Lunches are their lightest meal of the day.

“We try to be aware of how much meat we’re introducing into our diets, so lunch is typically a salad with fruits and no dressing,” Boss says. They prefer to use a mix of spinach, kale, and arugula, paired with walnuts or pecans, and a variety of strawberries, mangos, and kiwi. “That jazzes it up a little bit,” he says.

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Their go-to dinner is insanely easy.

“We really love to keep it super simple and really clean,” Holker says. For this dancing duo, that’s grilled chicken and quinoa. Yes, seriously. You can’t mess it up if you tried.

Instead of snacking, they smoothie.

Boss is especially into whipping up a good smoothie, adding dashes of turmeric and spirulina to boost his already health-focused blends of frozen mango, berries, and vegetables. “I’ve fought off multiple colds with turmeric, and spirulina has helped my joints after a hard day of working out,” he says. But he makes them for his daughter, Weslie, too. “We do frozen strawberries and bananas. She loooves it,” he laughs.



Allison hasn’t eaten fast food in 5 years.

She recently wrote on her blog that she’s avoided McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and more for over five years. “I’ve resisted the temptation!” she wrote. “Making that adjustment has been the anchor to my busy and active lifestyle.”

Wine is life.

Well, sort of. Holker and Boss host their friends for laid-back wine nights, where they bring up “table topics” to jumpstart conversation and share a drink or two. “We’re really into red wine, like a nice Malbec or Merlot,” Holker says. “And we love having friends over to converse together.”

They’ve got so many bottles on deck that there’s a dedicated wine fridge in the corner of the kitchen, which is outfitted with plenty of glasses, corkscrews, and decanters within reach. “We adore that fridge,” she says. “Because we really want our friends to feel welcome to just grab a bottle.”

But Jack Daniels is secretly their favorite.

“Whiskey on the rocks is our vibe,” Holker says. “We even have those nice whiskey stones.”

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