There’s Another New M&M Flavor And You Can Only Get It One Place

M&Ms has taken your obsession with seasonal drinks and is running with the trend, hardcore. Just days after people started spotting Hot Chocolate M&Ms at Walmart, another beverage-inspired flavor has popped up in Target stores: Café Mocha.

A mocha latte may not make you think of jingle bells and Ugly Sweater parties, but admit it—nothing fuels you through a Black Friday of elbowing strangers away from Doorbuster-special immersion blenders and 5-for-1 packs of Pajama Jeans quite like a cocoa-infused brew.

These M&Ms won’t give you a caffeine boost, but they do have a strong coffee flavor infused in the milk chocolate that tastes remarkably like the actual drink. They have the classic red and green candy coating you normally associate with the holidays, but they’re bigger and more bulbous than plain M&Ms, like the peanut butter or pretzel varieties.

What Cafe Mocha M&Ms Look Like

Candace Braun Davison

Though each Café Mocha M&M is larger, the packages are smaller—each bag is 8 ounces, instead of the typical 9.9- to 11.4-ounce ones the permanent flavors (think plain, peanut, dark chocolate) are sold in. The price, however, is a bit higher; each package of Café Mocha candies retails for $3.49 per bag, versus $2.99-$3.19 for the others.

Cafe Mocha M&Ms

Candace Braun Davison

You can only find these M&Ms in Target through December, so if you’re dying to try your go-to drink in candy form, you’ll have to hit up the Bullseye store before the end of the year.

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