Taco Bell Released The Slushie Of Your ’90s Kid Dreams

Taco Bell never fails to deliver when it comes to crazy creative Freeze flavors, and their latest is going to help you relive your childhood junk food glory days, because according to FoodBeast, the fast-food chain is releasing an Airhead White Mystery Freeze. Got ’90s nostalgia so hard over here.

Everything you loved about Airheads was made even better when you scored one of the White Mystery flavor. Not knowing what you were about to bite into made it a million times more exciting than the dead give-away Cherry or Watermelon. And that sleek silver wrapper, tho.

Thanks to Taco Bell, you can now relive everything you lived about the taffy candy (except the obvious worst part—it getting stuck in your teeth), because they’re partnering with Airheads to create a White Mystery Freeze. It will be available at participating Taco Bell locations starting September 15. You can try it out in a 16 oz for $1.99 or go big with a 20 oz for $2.29.

The only question I have is just how often this Mystery flavor is going to change. Daily would be great, with each new batch would be even better. Don’t let us down, Taco Bell.

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