Starbucks’ Newest Drink Is The Only Cold Remedy You Need

Even though the first day of spring has come and gone — and Starbucks is touting its new warm-weather cups — the cold weather and its accompanying flu season have yet to peter out. So as nice as it would be to start ordering refreshing frappuccinos, chances are you’re sticking with hot lattes and drip coffee in the morning. Now there’s a new healthy option if you’re fighting off a cold or simply want to prevent one: The Medicine Ball.

What started as a secret menu order has now morphed into a full-fledged menu item at Starbucks stores across the country — mostly thanks to popularity on social media (*cough* Instagram *cough*). It’s also sometimes known as the Cold Buster because it consists of a venti cup with one bag of Jade Citrus Mint Tea and one bag of Peach Tranquility Tea, half-filled with hot water and half-filled with steamed lemonade. You finish it off with honey and a pump of peppermint, if you feel so inclined.

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When you feel a cold coming on (or if you already have one) ask for “The Medicine Ball”. #starbucksmedicineball #starbuckscoldbuster Update 3/29/17: It’s peculiar that is drink is getting so much attention all of a sudden. The “news article” going around has several different authors depending on which link you follow. It seems that not one of them has bothered to do research, check sources, or seek permission to link to people’s Instagram accounts. This concoction has been around for at least a couple years that I know of. It was recommended to my husband by a barista at one of our local @Starbucks, and he suggested it to me when I was sick. Who really knows if it’s a customer-invented drink, or if a creative barista (who may, or may not, have been working at a completely different company) came up with it…?��____________________________________________#WWendiWonkySketches #art4all #everydaymatters #illustratedlife #sketch #creativitykillsoldness #insidemysketchbook #inkpen #inksketch #straighttoink #freehandsketch #quicksketch #watercolorsketch #everydaysketch #lettering #foodsketch #sketching #watercolor #inkandwash #linesketch #sketchjournal #illustratedjournal #visualjournal #sketchbook #waterbrush @fabercastellglobal #pittartistpen #watercolorpencils @stillmanandbirn #stillmanandbirn Softcover Epsilon

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Apparently people were loving it so much that a single location was whipping up upwards of 20 in a day. This led the company to make the drink official, ensuring customers would get the right concoction every time.

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Starbucks medicine ball (secret menu) and my immunity roller down my spine , vita flex points and feet because one teacher is out sick , a kid left my class vomitting today , and it’s hurts when I swallow ���� In my immunity roller : 10 drops oregano , 12 drops thieves , 8 drops peppermint … Topped with fractionated coconut oil. *You may also put in a capsule for ingesting as well! #starbuckssecretmenu #starbucksmedicineball #youngliving #healthandwellness #immuneroller #thieves #peppermint #oreganooil

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Future Hubby ���� hasn’t been feeling good at all this week, and with just days before his birthday I wanted to surprise him with a little something. �� It was highly recommended to drink if you have a cold. Thanks cousin for the tip!! Hoping he gets better by Friday!! ���� #StarbucksMedicineBall #JustALittleSurprise

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If you’re feeling sniffly, or just want to avoid catching your coworker’s cold, you may want to pick one of these babies up. We can’t guarantee it will cure you, but it should help. And be pretty damn tasty.

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