Spreadable Twix is The Glorious Treat You Need Right This Minute

Folding your favorite candies into your favorite dessert is nothing new. We’ve put Snickers in our cookies, KitKats in our brownies, and even Reese’s in our pancakes. But now Twix—the chocolate-covered, caramel-layered cookie—has done all the work for us, turning the classic candy into a spread for toast, waffles, crêpes, biscuits, blondies … you get the idea.

The new product, courtesy of parent chocolatier corporation Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, is like Nutella turned up about ten notches. It includes smooth, spreadable chocolate with caramel swirls and crunchy biscuit pieces. Unfortunately, it’s only available in England (for now, at least) in 200-gram containers for £2 (about $3).


Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats

In fact, Twix Spread is joining a line of dessert sauces and candy-bar–inspired spreads based on the Milky Way, Maltesers Teasers, and Bounty bars—all U.K. favorites. But if you’re really hankering for a batch of this stuff, you’ll have to book a flight or ask a friend across the Pond. Or you could always adapt our chocolate-hazelnut spread recipe to include crushed bits of your favorite candy.


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