McDonalds Gets Fancy With Truffle Fries

It’s been an exciting few months of releases for McDonald’s. First, the announcement of all-day breakfast (meaning we can get our hash brown on any moment we please), then the testing of sweet potato fries, and, most recently, mozzarella sticks. Now, we hear that the company is unveiling truffle fries.

Before you jump in your car, the launch is happening in McDonald’s Singapore—where all unusual McDonald’s favorites seem to come from. According to Metro, the British news outlet, the fries are a DIY option: You order your regular fries, then shake on a truffle-flavored seasoning that comes in a ketchup-like packet.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Singapore has tried something like this: they’re patrons have been lucky enough to try cheese seasoning in the past—and perhaps unlucky (?) enough to try seaweed seasoning.

As one can imagine, people are getting very excited:

But, as Metro points out, the reviews are underwhelming:

Truffle is having a moment, apparently—Lay’s recently released its Do Us A Flavor winners, which also included truffle fries. For better or worse.

H/T: Metro

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