KFC’s New Sandwich Has Double The Fried Chicken

Earlier this summer, KFC realized what the pickle hype is about with Pickle Fried Chicken. Now, Colonel Sanders and company brings us another brilliant chicken option. For when a single fried chicken sandwich just isn’t enough, KFC now offers a “Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich.”


Kentucky Fried Chicken

According to the website, you’re going to need both hands to grip the sandwich. “Oh, yeah. It’s that big and crunchy,” the description says. The sandwich is the exact same as the original Crispy Colonel Sandwich, but with two fried filets instead of one.

If you’re feeding a group, you can try KFC’s $20 Fill Up, which now has new options to choose from, including 6-piece Boneless Chicken Breasts.

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Let’s put our hands together for the Colonel and four ways to feed a family for $20.

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After you try the new Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich at KFC, try these recipes to make your own chicken sandwich at home!

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