Ex-Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Gains Back Weight While in Prison

Back in November, Jared Fogle—whose 200-pound weight loss story became one of Subway’s spotlight ad campaigns for more than a decade—was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in prison for possessing child pornography and having sex with a minor. Now, after just three months into his sentence, the ex-spokesman has gained back a hefty portion of those pounds.

According to a published report and an insider at the prison, Fogle has been stress-eating and has allegedly packed on 30 pounds from eating cake in the cafeteria twice each week, Honey Buns by the box (bought from the commissary), and sugary Frosted Flakes every morning for breakfast.

A source at Colorado’s Federal Correctional Institution told InTouch that this is because Fogle is “regularly taunted” by the other inmates. The magazine detailed the unnamed insider’s story, which claimed:

“One inmate slapped him across the cheeks several times and made his face red. Jared just stood there stunned, then ran out of the gym,” while inmates booed and called him by his prison nickname — “Chomo,” which is short for child molester — as well as another choice derogatory term for a coward. “He never ratted out the inmates who did it, though, because he was threatened that if he did, they would get him!”

We’re not doubting that environment must be very stressful, so it makes sense that these binge-eating accounts could very well be true. But it’s hard to say we feel sorry for him.

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