Danny DeVito Is the Red M&M in Human Form in a New Super Bowl Ad

Update, 1/31: M&Ms has released its full Super Bowl ad starring Danny DeVito, who plays the red M&M in human form. The red and brown M&Ms complain about how people constantly want to eat them, but Red finds a lucky penny and wishes to become a human. He becomes DeVito, and nobody wants to eat him anymore, but that penny stops being so “lucky” after that.

“When casting for a human that embodies the personality of our Red M&M’s spokescandy, we were looking for someone who is known for having a sarcastic sense of humor and know-it-all wit – Danny DeVito was the perfect human match,” Allison Miazga-Bedrick, brand director of M&M’s, said in a press release.

Sure, the ad doesn’t feature any swimming in chocolate, but the totally weird teaser ad will air during the Super Bowl preshow on Sunday, just so people know what they’re getting into.

Original post, 1/23: When it comes to Super Bowl ads, ‘ordinary’ goes right out the window. Companies pull out all the stops to get your attention, and so far, this year is no different. Danny DeVito is teaming up with M&M’s, and judging by the preview — featuring the actor bathing in melted chocolate — things are going to get weird.

So why is he swimming in chocolate? Aside from it being funny, it’s also a nod to past M&M’s commercials, which used to show the candies rise up through a pool of melted cocoa. But this time, it’s DeVito wearing a red M&M’s shirt.

Danny DeVito in M&M's Super Bowl ad


“When M&M’s approached me about starring in their Super Bowl commercial, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to partner with such an iconic brand,” DeVito said in a press release. “Plus, who can resist seeing me in a giant pool of chocolate?!” (Honestly, who wouldn’t swim in chocolate if given the chance?)

This isn’t the first Super Bowl ad for DeVito; who starred in animated form in a Lipton Brisk ad.

A trailer for his animated film The Lorax also aired during the Super Bowl in 2012.

The full 30-second ad, which will air during the first quarter of the Super Bowl, will feature DeVito alongside singer and YouTube star Todrick Hall. It’s the first Super Bowl commercial for the candy brand since 2014, People notes. It’s unclear whether the chocolate-swimming is just for the teaser or for the full ad, but either way, it’s sure to get your attention.

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