8 Dry Ice Drinks For The Spookiest Halloween Ever

Dry Ice Punch

The only thing scarier than these drinks are how much of them you’re going to consume. Just make sure you use tongs when handling the dry ice—and tell your guests not to drink the cubes. Frostbite won’t improve anyone’s costume (looking at you, Elsa).

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Courtesy of Honestly Yum
Spiked Halloween Punch

Spiked punch or witch’s cauldron?

Get the recipe from Honestly Yum.


Courtesy of The Cookie Rookie
Love Potion No. 9

Be careful who you serve this to.

Get the recipe from The Cookie Rookie.


Courtesy of Minted
The Poisoned Apple

It’s lethal. You have been warned.

Get the recipe from Minted.


Courtesy of Style Estate
The Smoking Martini

Not only do these martinis contain dry ice, they’re neon-colored.

Get the recipe from Style Estate.


Courtesy of Simply Darrling
Bloody Vampire

It’s unsettling how real this cocktail looks.

Get the recipe from Simply Darrling.


Courtesy of The Flavor Blender
The Witch’s Heart

It’s magically delicious.

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Courtesy of The Idea Room
Homemade Root Beer with Dry Ice

Give your root beer a spooky makeover for Halloween.

Get the recipe from The Idea Room.


Courtesy of Our Best Bites
Mad Scientist Potion

If only science class had actually been this fun.

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