Gordon Ramsay Vs. Jamie Oliver: Whose Scrambled Eggs Are Better?

Scrambled eggs may be one of the easiest things in the world to make, BUT it’s one of the most difficult dishes to perfect. To strengthen our skills, we turned to two great chefs: Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Gordon’s technique is extremely unconventional (at least compared to how most Americans make their eggs on Saturday and Sunday mornings). He doesn’t whisk the eggs first, uses a saucepan, continuously takes the eggs off the heat, and seasons at the very end.

Jamie has three different ways to scramble eggs: English, French, and American. His English style is somewhat similar to Gordon’s in that he uses a saucepan (though he whisks and seasons beforehand). But we followed his American-style recipe because it’s more familiar and because the finished eggs in his YouTube video look amazingly fluffy.


To make Gordon’s eggs, crack the eggs into a saucepan and add a tab of butter. (Yes, at the same time.) Put the saucepan over medium to medium-high heat (it was hard to tell from his video) and stir the eggs and butter with a rubber spatula. When the eggs are starting to thicken, remove the saucepan from the heat and continue to stir. Repeat this on-and-off the heat movement a few more times. When the eggs are nearly set, stir in crème fraiche (!!!), then season with salt and pepper and fold in chives.

These are the most flavorful eggs we’ve ever tasted. They’re a little looser and softer than what we’re used to, but we’re all for it.


To make Jamie’s recipe, whisk the eggs first and season with salt and pepper. Melt butter in a skillet until super foamy (be patient!), then add the eggs. Stir constantly, until the eggs have beautiful folds and are almost set — they’ll continue to cook off the heat.

These are good, diner-style eggs. They’re nothing to write home about, but we would be happy eating them on any given morning.


Gordon wins! Multiple people on our kitchen team declared his method would change they way scramble eggs forever — and they weren’t being dramatic. His scrambled eggs literally melt in your mouth. You must try them.

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