Hey, Pickle Fanatics: There’s A Pickle Of The Month Club

When you search pickle on Delish, the site pulls up 83 recipes. The number may not seem like a lot — until you think about the humble pickle and all that we’ve done to it: We’ve channeled our inner 7-year-old and dredged dills in a Cool Ranch Doritos crust. We’ve questioned our sanity (and maturity) while hollowing out the center of a pickle to stuff a hot dog in it. We’ve thrown caution to the wind as we dipped slices into chocolate.

We will, as evidenced, take any excuse to eat a pickle, and Mouth, an online shop shilling small-batch foods, has plenty of them — and they’ll send them straight to your doorstep, if you want. When you sign up for Mouth’s Pickles Every Month Club, its curators send you four jars of pickles every month. The bulk of them are cukes, but don’t take that to mean they’re boring. Past shipments have included Brooklyn Brine’s whiskey sour pickles, bacon pickles from Oregon, and spears seasoned with Old Bay. When you get a jar of something else, get excited: cherry tomatoes, watermelon, okra, asparagus — they’re all fair game.

BUY A SUBSCRIPTION NOW: Pickles Every Month Club, $60/month; Mouth.com

A 12-month subscription will run you $54 a month (it’s slightly more expensive to pay monthly), which includes shipping. If it seems steep, just remember: Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy pickles … and they’re really one in the same.

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Father’s Day got you in a pickle? We’ve got gifts for Dads who mean a great *dill* to you ��

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